Monteverdi’s Orfeo – with Pacific MusicWorks

October 27, 2017 Portland, OR 7:30PM

October 28, 2017 Seattle, WA 8:00PM – St. James Cathedral

October 29, 2017 Vancouver, BC 3:00PM – Chan Center for the Performing Arts


A Grand Tour for Christmas – The Arizona Early Music Society

December 3, 2017 Tucson, AZ

At one time it was fashionable for educated and aristocratic people to visit the various cultural centers of Europe in what was know as the Grand Tour. In their travels the tourists would be exposed to the monuments of classical antiquity and its rebirth in the Renaissance.  In this program the early brass members of Dark Horse Consort will wend their way through jaunty Spanish Christmas villancicos and serenely austere Flemish motets, ending the program with German 17th century carols that are still familiar to our modern ears.  Come hear late Renaissance and early Baroque music for the Christmas season on the instruments that would have played them originally.