Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 – with American Bach Soloists

April 6, 2018 Belvedere, CA, 8:00PM – St. Stephen’s Church

April 7, 2018 Berkeley, CA, 8:00PM – First Congregational Church

April 8, 2018 San Francisco, CA 4:00PM – St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

April 9, 2018 Davis, CA, 7:00PM – Davis Community Church

Like the most treasured works of art and spectacular architectural wonders, a handful of musical masterworks of the Baroque have taken their places in the hearts of music lovers for all time. Our 29th subscription season continues with Monteverdi’s Vespro della Beata Vergine (also known as the “Vespers of 1610”), a monumental work that displays its composer’s brilliant assimilation of styles—old and new, sacred and secular—and his masterful command of a wide palette of musical structures including psalm settings, sacred concertos, hymns, motets, and sonatas. Last performed by ABS in 2010, audiences can expect the American Bach Soloists to deliver an extraordinary performance of this splendid music from the Venetian school.


The Sound of St. Mark’s – as part of the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition

June 6, 2018 Berkeley, CA, 7:30PM – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Rising out of the Mediterranean Sea, nestled next to the Ducal Palace of Venice, lies the glistening St. Mark’s Basilica. During the time of Giovanni Gabrieli and his colleagues, music making in the basilica was renowned throughout Europe. The sound of dazzling violins, bright cornetts and mellow sackbuts heralded back and forth between the balconies to the amazement of all who heard them. Featured will be the brilliant and resounding multiple choir canzoni by Gabrieli and Giovanni Picchi and the stunningly virtuosic sonatas by Dario Castello.